Every Step Counts


Who We Are

Move to Give is a fitness community on a collective social mission. A network of movers striving to better their own health, while also making a positive social impact on the global community with every step.

M2G has lined up over $30,000 in sponsorship donations for the charities in the global community. Join a Pursuit, earn rewards, while raising money for charity.

In order to get this $30,000 to the charities, we need at least 10,000 Movers and approximately 37,500,000 steps completed. 

Be a part of a MOVEment. Encourage friends and family to join. LET'S GET MOVIN!

Who We're Working With


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Flying Kites

Raising the standards of education for vulnerable children in Kenya. 

We're working on adding more charities and reward sponsors every day. Stay tuned!


Can I use my running/walking app and still have my steps count?

Yes! The app must count your steps and must allow the Health App on your phone to collect that data in order for M2G to count towards donations.  Be sure to check your health app has been given permission to talk to your step counting app.


Suggested Companion Apps:

UP -Smart Coach For Health and Fitbit have become very popular step counters with excellent support features to keep you motivated. These apps, when granted access to your Health App, will talk with M2G. 


Is there a fee to be a Sponsor on M2G?

There is no fee to be a Sponsor of M2G. There is a minimum required donation and rewards for our users. Please contact us for the details on both.  

Is there a fee to be a member on M2G? 

As a member, there is no fee on M2G. Free forever and always. 


Is there a fee to be a Charity on M2G?

There is a small subscription fee to be hosted on our platform as a charity. Please contact us for more details.


Is there an Android app?

Right now, Move to Give is only available for iOS in the App Store. We are building out the Android app currently. Please subscribe to our Newsletter and we will notify you when it's ready to launch.